Sunday, February 28, 2010

Genesee High Snowcoming 2010

I had the privilege of playing at my favorite school again... This time, it was for their annual Snowcoming dance. They had a pretty decent turn out. This year's theme was RAVE! Sort of awkward for a school, but I don't judge :) Some dressed up with painted clothes, they put laundry detergent on your body (if you desired) as you paid your admission, strobe lights, black lights, glow sticks... I even brought along the Music Video Show this year as an added bonus for the school just being the greatest client ever! Just a token of my appreciation for their continued business.

I'll post some pictures, but you can also see more at -- under my photo album.

Genesee Jr High Valentines Dance

Man... This has got to be the best year ever, for Michigan Professional DJ! I can't say I've been so busy it's taken me two weeks to finally make a post about this years Junior High Valentines Dance, but it's the best excuse I have!!! :)
This year's Valentines Dance was a great success, and it made me sit back and think that I might have to have a little chat with the Administration to include them in more dances. We'll see what happens in the future.
Here's a few pics from the dance... You can check out more on

Monday, February 1, 2010

"Two outa Three aint bad..."

Well, its February 1st and I received some response from the Report Cards I give after each event... I had 3 weddings in January, and got back 2 responses thus far. This year I'm changing it up a little bit... Most DJ's want you to just click and rate on a scale from 1-5 on each point they think are popular... But, if you think about it, how easy is it to make up a fake date, name and click a whole bunch of "Excellent" on a paper and say hey, "here's a reference from a wedding I did last week!"

This year, I'm asking for all B&G's to give me heart felt feelings, on the way they felt their big day went... And to start the year off, here are a few examples!!

From Matt & Samantha Schwartz... (January 2, 2010)

Your Experience: Overall it was wonderful!! Jason did a great job reading the audience and keeping people on the dance floor all night long!!
Quality of Customer Service via Telephone: Not much telephone service, but whenever we called Jason he was very accommodating and helpful. We did communicate via email and Jason was very responsive in a timely manner.
Planning Assistance: The questionnaire was great. Matt and I were able to sit down and discuss the important decisions on music choices on our own time and then get it to Jason. When we needed song choices for the special dances and intro he was very helpful and offered a good list to choose from.
Friendliness of your DJ: Very friendly and wonderful to work with!DJ’s Performance: It was great. He played good music during dinner that was not too loud for the crowd. He also was very on top of everything and keep the reception moving and reminded us when different things needed to be done. Jason kept people on the dance floor for 6 hrs! Everyone had a great time thanks to such a great DJ!
DJ’s Appearance: Very Professional.
System Appearance: Professional Sound Quality: Great, even being put over on the side of the room (sorry about that!)
Lighting Effects: Good.
Music Selection: Perfect. Everyone enjoyed it and it kept everyone on the floor.Incorporation of your Requests: As far as I know Jason did a good job incorporating the requests of the guests.
Do you feel the amount you paid, was worth the entertainment you received? Would you have paid more for the same entertainment, knowing what you know now? Yes , the entertainment was worth the price we paid. It was excellent entertainment at a very reasonable price. We would have paid more for the same entertainment knowing what we know now.
Would you recommend me to others? : Definitely! May your comments be shared with others? Yes
Your Testimonial: Jason did a fabulous job at our Wedding on January 2nd. The music during dinner was perfect and Jason kept us on track when it was time to start the dancing. He had all the songs we wanted and kept the party moving. Jason did a great job judging the audience and keeping people of all ages out on the dance floor. There were still people dancing and having a good time 6 hours later when the lights went on! Everyone really enjoyed themselves and we had lots of complements for the DJ!

Andy & Brenda Coleman (Jan 23, 2010)

Quality of Customer Service via Telephone: Great
Planning Assistance: Jason was a lot of help. We had a hard time with a couple dances and he gave us a list of songs to help us.
Friendliness of your DJ: He was great!
DJ’s Performance: He was very good
DJ’s Appearance: Very Professional
System Appearance: Loved the lights and the Monogram on the floor
Sound Quality: Great
Lighting Effects: Not to much, but it was enough to make it noticeable
Music Selection: Played a great variety and all of the songs I requested
Incorporation of your Requests: Great
Do you feel the amount you paid, was worth the entertainment you received? Would you have paid more for the same entertainment, knowing what you know now? I think you are defiantly worth the price we would have paid prior to the discount you gave us. But just keep in mind, there are always people looking for a great DJ at a great price. Some of the big names are way to much money for the couple that don’t have a lot to spend. Keep it reasonable and you will get lots of referrals.
Would you recommend me to others? : Defiantly!!!
Your Testimonial: Thank you so much for making our night wonderful. You played great music and kept the night moving along. You always made sure we were ready for the next thing. You are a great DJ!!!

Brenda & Andy