Saturday, April 24, 2010

Girl Scouts Mall Lock In

Well, I'm glad this gig finally came through. We tentatively had it scheduled for last year, but not enough time was given to plan, so not enough girls signed up for the event. So they post-poned the event, to a later date, which was a few weeks ago. This time around, they had 500+ girls walking around Genesee Valley Mall, from around 10:30-5 in the morning. Some stores opened for business to sell items at a discounted rate to these shop-a-holics, and you could camp out in the middle of the 'wings' of the mall. MIProDJ provided karaoke, music and other fun activities to keep these girls having a blast all night. Thanks to Tiffany and Brenda for allowing me to be apart of your event, and hope to see you all next year!


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