Monday, May 17, 2010

I Challenge You!

Hey everyone,

Man, this one of the best weekends I’ve had in a very long time, when it comes to my DJ business. I drove down to Lake Orion on Friday night to entertain Genesee High School students, for their 2010 Prom. Then turned around and performed at Melina & Matt Gutzeit’s wedding reception. Its hard to come across back to back nights, where the guests were just “in the mood” to dance and party, which most of my DJ friends on here know that helps to make or break any event.

I take my DJ position very seriously. When I DJ an event and I don’t get the response from the crowd that I come to expect, it gets to me! It makes me second guess myself. Did I play the right songs? Was I not personable enough? Or are most of the guests from out of town and they just want to touch base with people they haven’t seen in a while, so is that the reason for them not dancing? But let me tell you about these two events I had this weekend.

First of all, this Prom! These teens were some of the most well behaved, respectful, out-going, energetic, enthusiastic “school crowds” I’ve performed for. As I’ve said before on my blogs, I just enjoy so much performing for this school. I just don’t get the traditional, well I’ll come out and say it; “butt head kids” I get with other schools! Ha ha – And the Administration NEVER gives me crap about the music I play. I mean, all my music is radio edit, so what else can you really ask for? The kids listen to it on the radio, why can’t they be allowed to dance to it, at an event they paid to attend? Matt & Melina’s Wedding Reception was just a party waiting to unfold! What do you get, when you take a ceremony that takes place at 2pm, and a wedding reception that starts at 6pm, and include a party bus??? Use your imagination! Ha ha ha…The crowd at this reception was freakin’ awesome!!! There wasn’t a single song I’d play that cleared the floor. Everyone just wanted to dance and have a great time, and that’s what makes the best wedding reception.

Now, onto the point of this Blog. Most of you know I’ve been DJ’ing since I was a teen… I posted a Facebook status this weekend while I was at the wedding, about how much fun I was having at this reception, and how much fun the crowd was having. My old boss from Skateland replied “That talent must be from all those years of spinning at Skateland” and that really made me open my eyes about something. I owe A LOT to the McChesney & McComb family. They have always been there for me, from day 1 when I started working there (and I won’t disclose when I started!) ‘til this day I get help and support from them. They helped me build this business from the ground up, and its my lively hood, and I owe it all to them. From Dianne who offered me my first job ever, to Dan who continues to do what he can to help me and my business thrive.

So I realized I need to somehow return the favor for everything they’ve done for me. “Pay it forward, per se.” Most of you have heard about Skateland, probably have grown up there yourself, or have at least been there. I challenge you, that within the next Month you make time to Visit Skateland Arena, in Mt. Morris Michigan. Take your kids out on a Saturday afternoon, if you’re 18 or older and enjoy R&B music go on Wednesday Night, if you’re a teen go out to one of their Friday Night sessions. Throw your son or daughter an awesome birthday party out there, its very reasonable. Look at their website, and see what all they offer. I have a few ‘punk skater friends’ (no pun intended ;) ) on here, they also have a Skateboard Track on certain days, with different jumps and things to do. I have over 400 friends on here, and if you haven’t been there in a while, go visit everyone up there. It’s still and will always be family owned. Say hi to Dan, Dianne, Many, Peggy, Bill and anyone else up there.

I owe the world to them, and I hope you’ll take time to go up there and visit, or start making it a weekend place that you start going to. They always have tons of things to do for the kids, and new ideas/games/concerts happening all the time.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

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